Monthly Archives: May 2011

Is Search Engine Marketing Advertising?

Former Yahoo engineer and current agency CEO, Josh Shatkin-Margolis, is stirring the digital marketing pot at Ad Age.A few weeks ago Shatkin-Margolis declared that Search is the Worst Form of Advertising,  essentially arguing that paid search can’t really persuade (more on that below). He’s followed that up with another piece, where he asks digital marketers […]

Text Messaging Nirvana – A 93% Conversion Rate

One of the big challenges inherent in text message campaigns is the traditionally low redemption or conversion rate.  With SMS it’s about reach. No other mobile medium can match it in terms of the number of people you can instantly connect with. With that said though, the goal should always be about trying to match […]

Primetime Special – Bridging TV Ads with Mobile Rewards

The ability for advertisers to integrate the tried-and-true medium of broadcast television with today’s emerging media has always been a challenge. In the advent of the TiVO revolution, marketers must either find innovative ways to reach consumers or suffer the consequences. The CW Network is taking a step in the right direction by giving advertisers the ability […]

Google has its head in the cloud with Chromebooks

Last week, Google laid out its vision for the future. At its I/O Developer Conference, Google announced the Chromebook, a new music service and video rentals. Not surprisingly, this future is one where we all use Google services to access all of our digital content. The new Chromebooks are essentially portals to this world. They […]

Nourrir l’avenir d’un regard sur le passé

Tous les acteurs du domaine des médias directionnels sont dorénavant au courant de la fermeture de TMP. Si un tel bouleversement n’est pas souhaitable pour notre industrie, il ne l’est pas davantage pour les employés de TMP qui auront à réorienter leur carrière, ni pour ses clients, forcés de dénicher une autre agence capable de […]

Own Your Content

If you sell stuff online and you describe the stuff that you sell and you show me pictures of what you’re selling, you as the builder of this content own both the description and the media. But why in the world are you giving it away to others to rank? I understand the theory behind […]