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5 Reasons Social Media is Not a Waste of Marketing Dollars

Global Brand Strategist, Jonathon Baskin, contributed an excellent article to iMediaConnection recently titled “5 Reasons Social Media is a Waste of Marketing Dollars”. Mr. Baskin specifically identifies recent blunders by Old Spice, Ford, Pepsi and Burger to frame his argument. What these examples prove is that national brands are eschewing traditional media to fund social […]

Text Messaging Nirvana – A 93% Conversion Rate

One of the big challenges inherent in text message campaigns is the traditionally low redemption or conversion rate.  With SMS it’s about reach. No other mobile medium can match it in terms of the number of people you can instantly connect with. With that said though, the goal should always be about trying to match […]

Primetime Special – Bridging TV Ads with Mobile Rewards

The ability for advertisers to integrate the tried-and-true medium of broadcast television with today’s emerging media has always been a challenge. In the advent of the TiVO revolution, marketers must either find innovative ways to reach consumers or suffer the consequences. The CW Network is taking a step in the right direction by giving advertisers the ability […]

Virgin Atlantic – A Facebook and Twitter Love Story

“Twitter and Facebook are more important to Virgin Atlantic than TV.” Virgin Atlantic VP of Marketing, Porter Gale’s assessment of Social Media’s advantages over traditional mass media further solidifies how forward-thinking companies are embracing and leveraging engagement media. Virgin cleverly capitalizes on Twitter as a guest-service/customer retention tool. When flights are delayed, Virgin uses Twitter […]

The “Like” Economy – Quantifying Facebook Engagements

Our discussion on the value of visitor feedback to your site continues… Thanks to an NCAA basketball promotion, Capital One‘s Facebook fans increased by more than 700% in less than two weeks. Consumer participation in the promotion was easy. Access to the content was granted in exchange for a “Like”. As marketers are looking for […]

The QR Code is Dead

In North America today, the general consensus is that QR codes have a low adoption rate due largely because they are difficult to use. It is thought that if you aren’t tech savvy, the QR code is simply another design element crammed into an already-crammed print ad. Although this may have been true in the […]

Putting the Cart Before the Horse

In industry, as most everyone knows, there is a huge push towards the creation of dedicated social media strategies….any social media strategies! Anything! Let’s just get out there! The media has created a sense of urgency that can’t be ignored. Twitter, foursquare and Yelp are exciting, innovative and shaping brand preference and purchase decisions. Why […]

Mobile and Optimized Local Business Listings

Don’t underestimate the importance of an optimized Local Business listing. We’ve been preaching the benefits of optimizing local business listings for some time now. We know that in many cases search engines can draw information from various online sources and essentially ‘create’ a listing for your business on your behalf. Sounds great, but the issue […]

Maximizing Social Media Value

We know that because digital is incredibly interactive, a brand experience can easily and quickly lead a consumer from awareness through to purchase, and then to recommendation/promotion. No other medium has affected the traditional marketing/purchase process so dramatically. When there was only print, logos were important. With radio, jingles took prominence. With television, the focus […]