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Case Study: Quill

The challenge

Quill is a leading online office supply retailer under the Staples corporate brand. It competes with industry giants including Office Depot, Amazon, and even its own mother brand, Staples. With a giant website, complex site hierarchy, and thousands of products, Quill sought a partner to help them drive organic traffic and increase revenue across key categories.

To add an extra challenge,’s furniture category was identified as a priority area of business growth. What kind of content strategy could elevate a topic like office furniture—and, moreover, keep it top-of-mind for the brand’s target audiences? logo

The solution

We developed a holistic content strategy, aligning SEO and audience personas to reach the right person at every phase in their customer journey. We reasoned that stellar content on the blog, Café Quill, would:

  • drive measurable ROI through links to furniture category and product pages;
  • generate an SEO lift through backlinks;
  • and boost positive sentiment through social mentions.

Our multi-stage, multidisciplinary approach encompassed audience research, SEO keyword research, a comprehensive link building strategy, and the creation of a content calendar. We also sourced exceptional writers, and planned to amplify their content through prominent business and lifestyle influencers.

Laptop showing the blog index for Cafe Quill

Rendered image of product category pages on

The impact

Over the first six months of our engagement, our five writers and 15 influencers combined to create and amplify more than 250 individual pieces of content. This high-quality, conversion-oriented content has served to generate thousands of visits to furniture pages from the blog—and it can all be measurably linked to revenue, keyword growth, and rising net sentiment.


year-on-year increase in monthly visits


increase in volume of improved keyword rank


net sentiment, making Quill a “loved brand”