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Case Study: Éconofitness

The challenge

Éconofitness was facing a problem almost every modern business comes up against: growing online conversions. But there were extra factors to consider for Quebec’s leading low-cost gym. Éconofitness employees were having to spend a lot of time on new member enrolments—which meant less time to maintain gym locations and provide exceptional service for existing members. As such, membership automation became a top priority.

Econofitness logo

The solution

Studies show that distance and localization is a major factor in the selection of a gym. On average, a user will only go to a gym if it is no more than 10-15 minutes away. With that in mind, we decided to geo-map Éconofitness SEM campaigns for the first time.

Rendered image of Econofitness landing pages

Rendered image of Econofitness display ads

1 SEM geo-mapping

We geo-mapped their campaign per gym/area. This created a much more granular environment for lead generation. Previously, SEM campaigns were run at the province level—and only a small number of their 60 locations (mostly in urban areas) were benefitting.

2 Hyperlocalization

After that, we overhauled the Éconofitness website to hyperlocalize offers and gyms. Creating search-optimized local listings for the 60 gyms, we were able to better understand consumer behavior. As a result, we could identify the key periods when clients wanted to contact gyms for reasons other than memberships (opening hours during holidays, for instance). Campaign rules were adjusted to reduce spending during those times.

3 Transformative growth

Geo-mapping allowed Éconofitness to better understand the Quebec market, generating data-driven business decisions—especially in terms of opening new locations. The brand could target an underserved area, where the pool of potential users was large enough to support a new gym. This transformed their whole business.

The impact

Working in close partnership, we were able to better understand the strengths Éconofitness already had—and reveal priceless new insights into their market. This digital transformation has driven tangible, measurable growth, and helped prepare the brand for a bright future in online lead generation.


reduction in cost-per-click


reduction in in cost-per-conversion


growth in new memberships via SEM