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3 Skills Every Copywriter Needs to Succeed in Digital Marketing

Copywriting is tricky business. It’s not enough to have someone land on your webpage or see your banner ad; you need to grab and hold their attention so they’re compelled to take the desired action. This is why slapping a few nice-sounding phrases on a page just won’t cut it; you need to hone a […]

With the Past as Our Guide, We Can Define Our Future

Norm Hagarty, CEO: By now most of us in the directional media industry have heard about TMP’s unfortunate demise. I don’t believe that this kind of turmoil is ever good. It certainly is not good for TMP’s staff, many of whom will face uncertain job prospects (at least in the short term); clients who now […]

Create a Positive User Experience with Informative Article Syndication Copy

Admittedly, I came late to the article syndication cheer-leading squad. Let’s just chalk it up to an innate cynicism, or an aversion to bandwagon jumping. However, there is no arguing with results, and the fact is, article syndication works. We’ve seen notable bumps in landing page traffic immediately following an article’s syndication and then subsequent […]