Monthly Archives: June 2010

Putting the Cart Before the Horse

In industry, as most everyone knows, there is a huge push towards the creation of dedicated social media strategies….any social media strategies! Anything! Let’s just get out there! The media has created a sense of urgency that can’t be ignored. Twitter, foursquare and Yelp are exciting, innovative and shaping brand preference and purchase decisions. Why […]

Live Blogging SMX Advanced – Seattle – Session 2: Targeting the Search Funnel

11:08 – People go cross channel and back and forth in how they search as they go through the purchase cycle 11:10 – Leveraging Consumer search journeys -> re-targeting 11:11 – Step 1 – Research – Social Listening Tools, Competitive Intelligence, Database Sources 11:12 – Develop target persona (demographic / geographic, etc) then map out […]