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DAC Group London

1 Berry Street, Clerkenwell
London, EC1V 0AA
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Phone: (0203) 866 4210

Mike Fantis, President

About the London office

Agile, adept and obsessed with delivering value to clients: that’s how we would describe our first UK office, a digital performance-marketing agency based in the heart of London, England. Founded in 2008 and acquired by DAC Group in 2015, DAC London shares our penchant for executing fully integrated campaigns that deliver remarkable results. Handling a number of high-end clients and luxury brands, the hardworking yet affable lads and lasses bring their deep knowledge of the digital space in the UK to the table. Add in DAC Group’s geo-local capabilities and proprietary technologies and you get a unique blend of service that can’t be found anywhere else in the UK market. Together, we’re ready to pour in the results. Hope you brought your umbrella.


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