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3 reasons banks need separate ATM listings

3 reasons banks need separate ATM listings

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

From meeting with financial advisors to discuss mortgages and investments to requesting wire transfers, people in search of a bank branch are looking for a range of different services. Often, those looking up bank listings online are simply looking for the nearest ATM. That’s precisely why it’s so important for banks to list their ATM locations separate from their main branch listings.

Most bank locations have an ATM within their branch but to make it clear online, there should be two listings that separate the branch from the ATM. Businesses contained within other business are known as “nested locations.” This is a fully supported feature within Google My Business. These listings are a business contained within other businesses and an ATM inside a bank is no different. Thanks to the nested location feature, two listings can occupy the same address.

There are a few benefits to a bank breaking its onsite ATMs into separate listings.

  1. The option to include different opening hours

    Most ATMs are accessible even when the bank branch is closed, but it’s still nice to get that confirmation in an online listing. A separate listing means that separate hours of operation can be granted. The ATM can be listed as 24 hours while the main branch lists its usual business hours.

    Google Maps and other services do not want to show users searching “ATM near me” closed listings. Listing branch and ATM hours separately will ensure you’re able to provide the most accurate information possible. You’ll also have a leg up on your competitors without separate listings.

    Convenience is a major part of day to day banking and having a reputation for listing accuracy can sway clients to do their routine banking with your business.

  2. ATMs will show up in more category searches

    Since ATMs are often contained within unrelated businesses or are machines not tied to any specific bank, Google Maps and other directories categorize “ATM” and “bank” differently. That means different listings will appear if users search for “bank machine” or “Financial Advisor.” If ATMs are listed separately, your brand will show up in more searches for a range of different services.

  3. You’ll gain valuable insights

    Along with greatly assisting in your bank’s first-party store locators, there are valuable insights to be gained from analysing the search results of your ATMs versus your branch locations. The search data gathered can help you understand:

    • How many of your customers are returning clients looking for their branch versus looking for any available ATM.
    • How many users are looking for financial advisors and banking institutions rather than basic daily banking needs.
    • The needs of your clients, i.e. where the most popular ATMs are located, who is using them, and when.

Doubling your listings by splitting branch and ATMs can be seem like a feat, but it’s certainly doable. The most difficult part of the process is the initial setup but after that, managing the ATM listings would be no different than managing your current listings.

Partnering with a local listings expert like DAC is a smart way to make sure your listings are optimised. All of DAC’s tools scale whether you have 50 new ATM listings or 5,000. With our active management solutions, you also won’t need to worry about all these new listings decaying over time. Get in touch with DAC and we’ll help you optimise not only your new ATM listings, but your branches as well.

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