Monthly Archives: June 2011

Get a grip of your ROI in the Real World

Coming out of the SMX Advanced conference in Seattle earlier this month, a few things stood out to me as patent certainties… Early June in the Pacific North-West rarely delivers consecutive days of sunshine The conference backpacks are getting fancier every year Advertisers and marketers are seeking, more than ever, the magic formula behind understanding […]

What is

There’s been a lot of buzz leading up to the launch of  The first thing that makes a big deal is that it is agreed upon and standardized.  The second thing that makes a big deal is the essence of what it does. provides a standard protocol to add more details […]

Google Further Monetizes Places by Charging for Directions

With the announcement that they will now charge advertisers when searchers click for directions from a local ad extension, Google has taken yet another step in its march toward the monetization of the Google Places channel. Since launching location extensions integrated with a Google Places account, Google has been pushing the product hard with local advertisers. […]

5 Reasons Social Media is Not a Waste of Marketing Dollars

Global Brand Strategist, Jonathon Baskin, contributed an excellent article to iMediaConnection recently titled “5 Reasons Social Media is a Waste of Marketing Dollars”. Mr. Baskin specifically identifies recent blunders by Old Spice, Ford, Pepsi and Burger to frame his argument. What these examples prove is that national brands are eschewing traditional media to fund social […]