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Leveraging Local Facebook Pages

If your brand is on Facebook —as most modern brands are—it’s time to make sure you look beyond your main Facebook page and pay very close attention to what is happening on your Local Facebook Pages. Local Facebook Pages can achieve five times more reach than national Facebook pages, and generate eight times more impressions. […]

How Well Do You Know Your Customer’s Journey?

When I speak with clients, I often ask them to take me down the road of their digital customer journey. This keeps the conversation open and free-flowing. I usually learn a lot about what my clients are looking for – and planning for – in the future. It gives us time to talk about wishes […]

Preparing for the Holiday Shopping Season

For many retailers the holiday season represents an opportunity to close the year out with strong sales (both online and offline). Molly Livermore shares some strategic insights that can help ensure brands make the most of  this flurry of activity and ring in 2017 on a high note! Did this post hit close to home? […]

Mobile Takes Center Stage at 2016 Olympics

The 2012 Summer Olympics in London, England was the first time we saw a significant shift in the way that viewers engaged with the games, each other, sponsors, content and athletes. Through social media and digital marketing, people could interact and stay up to date on their favorite events and athletes. Four years later at […]