Monthly Archives: July 2020

July 2020 Local Search Roundup

As the pandemic becomes business as usual, Google My Business (GMB) updates have gone from emergency hot-fixes to routine patches. This month has seen some quality-of-life improvements for both customers and businesses, while multiple improvements and iterations on updates from previous months have been rolled out. With the initial panic of crisis updates out of […]

How attributes are transforming Google My Business

Last year, most people were unaware of attributes despite them being a feature of Google My Business (GMB) in many business categories. They provided useful information to consumers (and some handy SEO side-effects) but were underutilized. It was not until the global onset of COVID-19 that Google attributes suddenly became a critical local optimization strategy. […]

Google My Business: When to use secondary hours vs. nested locations

In June, Google announced that it would allow businesses to post a variety of secondary hours on their Google My Business (GMB) listings. For the first time, businesses were able to define and post special hours—such as grocery stores with dedicated senior-only shopping times or restaurants offering drive-through hours—separately from their standard operating hours. But […]