Monthly Archives: April 2014

Google’s New Product Announcement Expands Advertising into App Territory

Last Tuesday (April 22, 2014), Google’s #StepInsideAdWords was introduced to a modest live crowd and sweeping array of anxious Hang Out participants, all eager to learn the next big thing. What we got was somewhat of a surprise, in a good way. Jerry Dischler, VP of Product Management for Adwords, took the stage to showcase the following: […]

5 Tips for Managing Reputation at the Local Level

How do we get more people talking about us? We have hundreds of franchise locations and most of them don’t have any reviews. How do we get more? Someone left us a scathingly negative or unfair review. What do we do about it? These questions come up every day, and tie back into that essential […]

Keyword Data “not provided” for Paid Clicks

Citing ongoing privacy and security concerns, Google announced today that it will withhold search term data from paid clicks in much the same way it has from non-paid search traffic since the end of 2011. This means that the “not provided” bucket that has haunted search marketers on the organic side will now apply to […]

The Importance of SEM Ad Copy Testing: Lessons from a Simple Brand Test

Writing compelling ad copy in search engine marketing (SEM) can be one of the most important things we do. It plays a critical role in increasing your ad rank, boosting click through rates (CTR) and, most importantly, improving conversions. The desired outcome of an ad copy test is to determine what type of message delivers […]