Monthly Archives: January 2013

Mobile: Your 2013 Resolution

If 2012 was the Year of Mobile, 2013 will be the Year of Mobile Done Better… But before we look at 2013, let’s travel back a decade. Remember the days when a cell phone was a somewhat foreign device you kept tucked away in a safe place, only to see the light of day in […]

Google looks to bridge clicks and bricks with Zavers coupon service

Without a doubt, one of the biggest challenges of online marketing has always been understanding the relationship between online and offline behavior. This has been an enormous problem for marketers, but also for Google. Their Adwords product has always provided excellent tracking for businesses who sell online, but for people who rely on foot traffic […]

Superstorm Sandy Drove Yellow Pages Usage

Back in August I blogged about how our testing program for a waterproofing client gave us a clear view of the effectiveness of print Yellow Pages after Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee hit the East Coast and mid-Atlantic region late in the summer of 2011. Calls to the advertiser’s tracked lines went through the […]

Matt Cutts: Don’t Count on Google to Know What You Mean

Google has a reputation for having a pretty good idea of what people are really looking for when they conduct a search. This reputation is richly deserved (those of us who suffered through the experience of early search engines in the mid-to-late ’90s will never forget that first taste of the magic of Google). However, […]