Monthly Archives: November 2011

Local Marketing: Customers Left Out in the Cold

For businesses, local marketing usually deals with the people that they wish to include: Those living in the target markets served by the business, and those living in markets that the business would like to develop. Time, money and effort is spent understanding who these people are, what they need and want, how to reach […]

Google: The right content at the right time is really important

A few months ago, Google came out with an eBook called Zero Moment of Truth. The premise of the book is that consumers are impacted by a multitude of information sources at various stages of the purchase cycle. Easily, and while they shop, consumers can draw from reviews, social recommendations, industry news. The book is […]

Not All Leads are Created Equal

Do you know which leads are most likely to convert to high-value customers? This morning, I attended Know Thy Customer 2011, an event hosted by SAS and Forrester, two of the big names in customer data mining and intelligence. The event, which took place in several cities including Montreal, spotlighted major companies who are successfully […] Local University

This week I attended Local University WNY in Ellicottville, NY.  Throughout the week I will be recapping that event through a series of blogs. The event takes place throughout the country, hosted by SEO and Local SEO presenters.  Presenters at the session that I attended included: Mike Blumenthal, Mary Bowling, Matt McGee, David Mihm, Ed […]