Monthly Archives: April 2010

Mobile and Optimized Local Business Listings

Don’t underestimate the importance of an optimized Local Business listing. We’ve been preaching the benefits of optimizing local business listings for some time now. We know that in many cases search engines can draw information from various online sources and essentially ‘create’ a listing for your business on your behalf. Sounds great, but the issue […]

Maximizing Social Media Value

We know that because digital is incredibly interactive, a brand experience can easily and quickly lead a consumer from awareness through to purchase, and then to recommendation/promotion. No other medium has affected the traditional marketing/purchase process so dramatically. When there was only print, logos were important. With radio, jingles took prominence. With television, the focus […]

Social Media ROI

It’s a question many marketing professionals struggle with – we want to start a social media initiative, but don’t know what resources we should put behind it because we can’t determine the return on investment. The reason why this is a struggle is because social media actions are often regarded as an end to themselves. […]