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Engaging a financial audience

The challenge

As a community-minded financial institution, our client was looking for a way to syndicate their new financial planning tool to help customers make the most of their money.

While they had the in-house tools and expertise to build the technology, they were challenged with figuring out how to reach and engage the right audience in order to share this valuable tool with current and prospective customers.

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The solution

Mindful of our client’s core values—and how important it was to them to get their message out about their new tool in a brand-aligned manner—we worked closely with them to develop a micro-influencer marketing strategy that would ring true for their specific market.

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Adopting a hyper-local approach, we identified the core audiences that would be most likely to engage with the tool and tailored a custom message and content plan for each influencer segment to execute across their channels. Coupled with a tightly targeted paid media strategy, we were able to meet and exceed campaign expectations and help generate significant traffic and conversion on the calculator tool landing page.

The impact

We worked with bloggers and influencers to create consumer-friendly content that engaged target audiences and encouraged them to interact with the calculator tool. The campaign over-delivered on its 1.5 MM impression goal by 84% and its 60K user reach goal by 42%.

In this instance, success was rooted in the collaborative work between agency and client—resulting in a clear understanding of the audience needs and triggers, as well as where they spend their time online and what messaging would resonate and move them to action.


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