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RCC STORE Event: SEO has Changed. Have your Strategies?

May 30, 2023
Toronto, ON

DAC is proud to be a Gold Sponsor and speaker at the Retail Council of Canada’s upcoming STORE event. As a partner to many retailers in Canada and around the world, it was only fitting that DAC share its learnings with retail leaders at STORE, Canada’s biggest retail event.

Our SVP Digital Media Jenna Watson took the main stage on May 30th at 3:45PM to dispel some of the most persistent myths about the practice of SEO:

SEO has Changed. Have your Strategies?

The increasingly diverse ways in which consumers seek information have also evolved the best ways to keep your company at the top of search engine results. Unfortunately, most organizations are still working with the “old rules” of SEO. DAC’s Jenna Watson, Senior Vice President, Digital Media, will help you identify the top 3 SEO practices that are no longer effective and why retailers must look at new approaches get to the top.

Please find below Jenna’s SEO myth busting presentation:

Additionally, DAC’s whitepaper “Not Your Father’s SEO: How Brands Can Own the SERP” explores the changing SEO landscape, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive and modern approach. It also highlights important shifts in consumer behavior, such as the increasing reliance on platforms like TikTok for information and the changing SERP layout. Advancements in machine learning and natural language processing are also important to explore, as they have made search engines better at understanding user intent, requiring marketers to deliver consistent and relevant experiences across devices, channels, and content platforms.

Looking forward to discussing retail marketing with you soon!