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Physical, Digital, National, Local: How to Thrive in an Omnichannel Future

April 15, 2021

Did you know that 85% of B2C organizations lack a seamless omnichannel strategy? Surprising, isn’t it? In 2021, shouldn’t all brands understand the nuances of omnichannel—and apply that knowledge to their real-world strategies? With recent changes in data privacy, it’s no longer when but how to address these gaps.

In April 2021, DAC’s Nasser Sahlool was joined by Hall of Fame keynote speaker Jay Baer and Forrester’s Senior Analyst Collin Colburn for a whirlwind 60-minute tour through omnichannel. The trio investigated why even the most capable brands are still struggling with omnichannel, revealing steps your organization can take to create seamless experiences for your customers. Watch now—and download our exclusive omnichannel study!