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Press release: DAC Celebrates 50 Years, Looks Boldly to the Next 50

August 8, 2022 – Leading international performance marketing agency DAC is marking 50 years in business since its founding in Toronto in 1972. In celebration of this milestone, the agency is looking back at all it has achieved—and forward to the opportunities that lie ahead.

“It’s really special to meet this 50-year milestone. Not every company can speak to the level of transformation DAC has had, and we’re proud to have brought many of our people along on that journey” said Norm Hagarty, CEO and Managing Partner. “We’ve shown our clients, through continual changes, adaptations and integration, how we can help them drive their businesses forward in the digital age.”

There has been much to celebrate for the fiercely independent agency, which now has over 550 employees across North America and Europe. It is recognized by Forrester as one of the world’s most significant Performance Marketing Agencies and has scooped a host of industry accolades, including a recent Google Premier Partner Award.

“Over the past five decades, we’ve evolved in the digital marketing space which has brought great success. Our purpose has remained the same though: to put buyers and sellers together. Only now, we’re doing it through different channels than we used to,” says Kiran Prashad, EVP of DAC. “But what got us here, won’t keep us here.”

The coronavirus pandemic brought on a new set of challenges for DAC to overcome, but this is an organization that has weathered many storms, including the rapid adoption of digital technologies and the 2008 recession. At the onset of the pandemic, DAC was already set up to work remotely, meet client deliverables without disruption, and drive incredible growth as clients relied on all digital channels to keep their businesses moving forward.

As consumers flock to values-driven organizations and new innovations like the metaverse, DAC continues to stay ahead of the curve. Hagarty has mentored the agency through a significant period of evolution in which the company made significant breakthroughs in digital, search, and hyperlocal marketing solutions.

Focusing on causes and people first

DAC spends time nurturing its culture and experience for both new and current employees, including strong Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives and an ever-growing roster of employee benefits. It also remains committed to its local communities, donating more than $250,000 in 2021 to causes including women’s shelters, mental health, and carbon offsetting.

Above everything else, DAC has never lost sight of what matters most—its people. “We are a people-first organization” says Hagarty. “We continue to invest in our employee’s futures, ensure they feel continuously supported, and we care immensely about them succeeding.”

So, what’s to come? “More change, more transformation, and more understanding of the marketplace” says Hagarty. “From 1972 to 2022, we’ve managed to weather the storms and grow the business, which is why this anniversary is so exciting for us.”

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