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Fanny Mooijekind

Fanny Mooijekind

General Manager, Montreal
How I drive performance: By being HUMAN first. Behind every client relationship, every effective business plan or every mastered operation/execution: the common source is the human. Kindness, creativity and the gathering of the right skills are also essential!
Something you don't know about me: I am a 24/7 planet militant
Words to live by: Better done than perfect
Favorite food: Sushi
Tea or coffee? Coffee with no hesitation
Website I can’t live without: Eco-friendly products in bulk
Dream vacation destination: Anywhere in Europe in summer or in the South in winter. This geek can't live without sun and heat!
My morning routine: Coffee (x2) + walk + podcast + H2O + work
Top of my bucket list: Live abroad for 6 months!