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Amanda Woolums

Amanda Woolums

Account Executive | Account Executive
How I drive performance: Work diligently for the client and always look for opportunities to grow their business.
Words to live by: Treat others as you want to be treated
Favorite food: Lasanga
When I’m not working: I enjoy being with friends and family
Tea or coffee? Coffee
Website I can’t live without:
Social media platform of choice: Facebook
Top childhood movie: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Sports team of choice: UK
If I owned a shop, I would sell: All natural cleaning supplies
I’m watching: The Blacklist
App I can’t live without: Facebook
Dream vacation destination: Hawaii
In the movie of my life, I would be played by: Jennifer Lawerance
My morning routine: Wake up and drink a cup of coffee
First purchase after winning the lottery: A new car
Go-to ice cream flavor: Cookies and Cream
Top of my bucket list: Travel to Europe