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Our Team

It takes a cast of characters to do what we do. Characters who have the curiosity to learn, the courage to push boundaries—and the enthusiasm to do it day in, day out. These are our fabled “Geeks with Personality”.

Group Leadership
Norm Hagarty Norm Hagarty
  • CEO, Managing Partner
Kiran Prashad Kiran Prashad
  • President New York, VP Operations & Product Development
Marcel Labbe Marcel Labbe
  • Vice President, Human Resources
Nasser Sahlool Nasser Sahlool
  • Vice President, Client Strategy
Jenna Watson Jenna Watson
  • Vice President, Digital Media
Dan Temby Dan Temby
  • Vice President, Technology
Fortune Masawi Fortune Masawi
  • SVP, Finance and Planning
Office Leadership
Luke Regan Luke Regan
  • Vice President, Managing Partner
Mike Fantis Mike Fantis
  • Vice President, Managing Partner
Mario Lemieux Mario Lemieux
  • President, Montreal, & Partner VP Business Development
Jared Hendrickson Jared Hendrickson
  • Vice President/General Manager
Mike Corak Mike Corak
  • Vice President/General Manager
Nyo Logan Nyo Logan
  • SEO Manager
Hayley Raeper Hayley Raeper
  • Assistant, People & Culture
Natalie Slark Natalie Slark
  • Senior Account Director
Alexandros Papakostas Alexandros Papakostas
  • Client Manager
Simon Green Simon Green
  • Senior Content Strategist
Ty Cochrane Ty Cochrane
  • Lead Designer
George Warner George Warner
  • Senior Account Manager