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Webinar: How to Optimize AI's Marketing Potential While Protecting the Brand

September 14, 2023

Having a grasp on how AI can seamlessly blend into your marketing strategies and blend into your workflow is no longer optional. AI now has a pivotal role in tailoring personalized user experiences, optimizing marketing results, and boosting marketing operations efficiencies.

BUT, an increasing number of brands are building major guardrails for the use of AI internally, with some big firms even prohibiting its use. Is that an overreaction? Or a reasonable decision to make sure AI doesn’t create undue brand risk?

Watch this on-demand webinar, created in partnership with Jay Baer, where we explore how to maintain the integrity of your unique brand identity in an AI-driven marketing environment.

Hungry for more? Take a look at our AI and brand safety interactive report, produced in partnership with Ad Age: Interactive report 

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