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Webinar: How to Deliver Great Customer Experiences in Your Digital Marketing

October 12, 2021

Three-quarters of marketers say it’s harder to meet customer expectations than it was just one year ago. Marketing needs to meet or exceed customer expectations for convenience, relevance, and speed, and those initial company-to-customer interactions—often via outbound digital marketing—set the tone for the entire relationship that follows.

Yet most marketers are spending too much time on programmatic media, campaign optimization, and omnichannel tech, and not enough time delivering marketing experiences that customers love. On Tuesday October 12, 1-2pm ET, we’re going to address that shortcoming, together, in this special broadcast. Jay Baer explains:

Jay will join CX expert Jeannie Walters and DAC’s own Nasser Sahlool to explore how CX (customer experience) can be more effectively infused into digital marketing strategy, operations, tactics, and metrics. Using many timely examples that will resonate with you, our panel will deliver original thinking, tangible recommendations, and ideas you’ll want to incorporate ASAP.


About your hosts

Jeannie Walters is a renowned customer expert and CEO of Experience Investigators, a consulting firm that specializes in qualitative, human evaluations of customer experience. Jeannie is also co-host of the long-running Crack the Customer Code podcast, and delivered one of the top five TED Talks of all time: Meaningful Micro-engagements.

Jay Baer is a 28-year veteran of digital marketing and customer experience, the author of six best-selling books, and the founder of Convince & Convert, a strategy consultancy that helps iconic brands gain and retain more customers. Jay is co-host of the Social Pros podcast and an inductee into the Professional Speakers Hall of Fame and the Word of Mouth Marketing Hall of Fame.

Nasser Sahlool is the Senior Vice President for Strategy at DAC, rated by Forrester as one of the world’s most significant Performance Marketing Agencies. Nasser leads global client strategy for DAC’s many top-tier clients, co-hosts our Inside the Funnel podcast, and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences including the eMetrics Summit and Google Engage Summit.