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The Road Ahead: Marketing Amid the Pandemic—and Beyond

April 30, 2020
Virtual Round Table

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, we gathered some of the leading industry marketers from around the world to explore how they reacted, what they anticipate next, and how they’re plotting a course through these unprecedented times.

So grab yourself a coffee, pull up a seat, and join us for a lockdown-compliant virtual round table that reveals first-hand insights into:

  • How the role of the marketer—as both anthropologist and psychiatrist—becomes more nuanced in a time of perceived scarcity and insecurity
  • Why membership-based business models are pivoting their marketing from acquisition to retention
  • Finding a balance between effective merchandising and authentic, community-based communications
  • How local messaging, pitches, and programs are even more important ahead of proposed reopenings


Watch the virtual round table in full

If you have any questions about the themes and topics covered during our round table session—or you simply want to know how we can help your brand adapt to the new normal—all you have to do is ask.