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The DAC 2024 Account Summit: Making It Real

15-17 May


The DAC 2024 Account Summit, themed “Making It Real,” recently concluded, leaving us all energized and inspired. This event brought together over 140 of our top managers and leaders from North America and Europe for a dynamic and collaborative 2.5-day experience. Our goal? To ensure the DAC team remains at the cutting edge of our industry, fostering innovation and excellence in everything we do.

A Hub of Innovation and Collaboration

This summit was all about integration, collaboration, and innovation. Our CEO, Norm, set the tone with an energizing business update, followed by a series of engaging presentations and workshops. Topics ranged from AI advancements and full-funnel media strategies to content creation and brand insights. Each session was meticulously designed to provoke thought, encourage participation, and drive our team towards new heights of creativity and strategic thinking.

The Pitch Perfect Competition

One of the highlights of the summit was the Pitch Perfect competition. Teams were challenged to prepare and present compelling pitches to a panel of judges. This exercise not only tested our team’s creativity and strategic prowess but also underscored the importance of teamwork and effective communication. The competition was fierce, and the presentations were nothing short of impressive. It’s clear that DAC is home to some of the brightest minds in the industry.

A Dance to Remember

To wrap up the summit on a high note, we all came together for a fun and unforgettable group dance. It was a moment of pure joy and camaraderie, reminding us all that while we work hard, we also know how to have a great time. Check out the video of our dance below and see if you can spot Nasser showing off his moves—rumor has it, he’s been practicing in front of the mirror at home!

This year’s summit was a true testament to DAC’s commitment to innovation, excellence, and team spirit. We’re already looking forward to what next year’s summit will bring. Until then, let’s keep making it real, together.