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DAC Account Summit: the Montreal team was away for 3 days to gather new ideas

May 15 to 17

The DAC Account Summit, held from May 15 to 17, brought together over 140 of our managers and executives from North America and Europe for a dynamic and collaborative meeting. The customer service team from the Montreal office was present, and we took advantage of this valuable opportunity to step out of our comfort zone, interact with colleagues, socialize, and acquire new skills, particularly in the area of artificial intelligence.

Exploring new horizons

Participating in an international summit like the DAC Account Summit pushed us to step out of our daily routine. For many of us, it was the first time we interacted so closely—and in person!—with DAC professionals from various backgrounds. This immersion in a new environment stimulated our adaptability and opened new perspectives on our daily work.

Learning and Exchanging on Emerging Trends

One of the highlights of the summit was the sessions dedicated to artificial intelligence, which allowed us to deepen our knowledge of how AI is transforming the customer service sector and how we can use it to improve our interactions with you. During team workshops, we built models addressing some of your corporate challenges, putting theory into practice.

We will soon be in touch to show how these data models, created with our tools Guardail and ChatGPT, can help you achieve your business goals. The discussions focused on concrete use cases of AI to automate customer responses, analyze behavioral trends, optimize organic positioning, maximize media performance, and personalize customer service.

We were also challenged to create a 360 marketing strategy pitch for different North American brands in 36 hours. We worked day and night to analyze data, generate ideas, create a media plan, SEO strategies, local presence management, and brand management. We presented our work on stage before a jury and all our colleagues attending the event. It was challenging to collaborate with people of different backgrounds and languages to achieve a final project, and although the exercise was not easy, we all contributed as if it were a real project. Challenge overcome.

Collaboration and Collective Learning

The DAC Account Summit was an incredible opportunity for knowledge and experience exchange among colleagues. The workshops and brainstorming sessions allowed everyone to share their ideas and learn from the successes and challenges encountered by other offices around the world. This reinforced our sense of belonging to an extended community, united by common goals and challenges.

Socialization and Strengthening Bonds

Beyond the technical and professional learning, the DAC Account Summit was a key moment for socialization. The activities organized alongside the work sessions, such as group dinners and impromptu outings, helped strengthen the bonds between the Montreal team members and their international colleagues. These moments of relaxation contributed to creating a more friendly and collaborative environment. A big thank you to our French colleagues who gave us the opportunity to chat in French during a pleasant evening.

What an enriching experience for the Montreal customer service team, marked by learning, sharing, and discovery. We not only developed new skills, especially in the field of AI, but also forged stronger bonds with our colleagues worldwide. This event marked a turning point in our approach to customer service, equipping us with the necessary tools to navigate the evolving landscape of customer communication.

And I couldn’t help but lead my Montreal team to use public transportation in Toronto, rather than contributing to the city’s heavy traffic

Looking forward to another great experience next year to stimulate my team’s curiosity.

Fanny Mooijekind
General Manager, Montreal.