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DAC Blog Authors Russell Pirie
Russell Pirie

Russell Pirie

Senior Director, Media

Russel Pirie serves as Senior Director, Media at DAC Group. Joining the company in January 2023, he leads DAC’s media teams and operations throughout Europe.
In today’s increasingly automated and data-driven world there’s a tendency, by many marketers, to focus purely on the ‘performance’ capabilities of digital media platforms. However, the brand-building opportunities that digital media presents can yield significant uplifts in both marketing and overall business performance, especially when deployed in tandem with ‘performance’ activities.
Russel is an alumnus of both the Marketing Week Mini MBA in Marketing and Marketing Week Mini MBA in Brand Management and have consulted to many clients on both Brand and Communications strategy. He’s also led media planning teams and departments in both large, global agency networks and smaller independent agencies – for clients, both big and small, across multiple industry sectors.

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