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DAC Blog Authors Mark Wheatley
Mark Wheatley

Mark Wheatley

Manger, Digital Media

Mark Wheatley’s passion for digital marketing led him to a successful career at DAC. After graduating university in 2018 with a degree in physics, Mark decided to pivot to the advertising world instead of pursuing a career in physics. He was hired as a Display Media Coordinator at DAC in 2018 and has thrived over the past 5+ years at the company. He is now a Digital Media Manager, now overseeing many of DAC’s digital campaigns and initiatives.

Over Mark’s tenure, digital marketing has evolved tremendously. With major changes on the horizon, like the deprecation of cookies, many marketers have questions about the future landscape. Unable to find sufficient information on topics like the future of Campaign Manager 360 and Google Suite, Mark took it upon himself to research these issues and create educational content for his fellow marketers. His articles provide valuable insights into the future of digital marketing in a post-cookie world. His contributions continue to help DAC and the broader marketing community navigate an industry in flux.

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