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DAC Blog Authors Jane Sanderson
Jane Sanderson

Jane Sanderson

Associate Director, SEO

With over two decades of website experience and more than 10 years specializing in search engine optimization, Jane Sanderson brings a wealth of digital marketing expertise to her role as Associate Director of SEO at DAC, which she joined in June 2018. Previously, Sanderson honed her skills both at an agency and in-house, focusing on SEO, front-end development, and editorial work.

In her current position, Sanderson relishes the ever-changing challenge of optimizing websites for findability and helping clients improve their online presence. Though once easily bored mastering new skills, she finds SEO perpetually stimulating given the field’s constant evolution. Staying current requires diligent work and study, as solutions differ across sites. Sanderson enjoys this complexity and customization.

When not immersed in the online world, Sanderson pursues her love of tennis and hiking as a player and volunteer board member at her local club. Her diverse interests and experiences allow her to provide holistic guidance to DAC clients seeking to maximize their visibility and value in a dynamic digital landscape.

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