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DAC Blog Authors Hogan McCormack
Hogan McCormack

Hogan McCormack

Senior Digital Media Specialist

Hogan McCormack is a Senior Digital Media Specialist who began his journey at DAC in June 2022, bringing a robust SEM background to the table. Passionate about paid search, he thrives on staying ahead of industry trends, considering them crucial for success.

He has recently transitioned to a new role, where he is currently playing a key role in helping to lead a SEM restructuring and onboarding a new client. Prior to this, he held the position of Paid Search Team Lead, contributing to the success of multiple SEM restructures and overseeing the implementation of value-based bidding. Additionally, he served as a liaison, leading cross-team efforts within the organization.

Hogan’s expertise extends across various B2C and B2B clients, with a notable strength in process improvement. His commitment to staying informed about industry trends reflects his goal of making every account he works on the best in class.

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