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DAC Blog Authors Himadri Patel
Himadri Patel

Himadri Patel

SEO Specialist

Himadri Patel joined DAC in January 2022 as an SEO Specialist. With over 6 years of experience in search engine optimization, Himadri brings a wealth of knowledge to help DAC improve its online presence and rankings. Over the years, she has worked with a diverse range of businesses including jewelry, gas stations, retail, casinos, hospitality and travel. This experience has given Himadri a deep understanding of how small changes to a website can significantly impact search ranking and traffic.
As an SEO Specialist, Himadri sees her role as problem-solving for business owners to help their companies grow organically online. Himadri finds SEO rewarding because it is an ever-evolving field that allows her to exercise both her technical skills and creative problem-solving abilities. She enjoys the challenge of finding solutions that work for each client’s unique business goals.

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