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US Search Awards 2019 Finalist: Best PPC Campaign

US Search Awards 2019

Our nomination for Best PPC Campaign at the 2019 US Search Awards has a long story behind it. In fact, you have to go all the way back to 2012 to understand how our relationship with our client—a major automotive brand—has grown, evolved, and set new benchmarks in a fiercely competitive industry.

But we don’t have to review every click over the last seven years and more! Here’s what you need to know: so far in 2019, we have driven a 27% increase in paid search revenue through coordinated strategies and marketing efforts. It’s the latest headline in a longstanding engagement that has seen tremendous growth every year since its inception.

Although we’re quietly confident that this partnership will take home the gold (not for the first time), we’re delighted either way. After all, the numbers speak for themselves!