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OMMA Awards 2019 Winner: Website: Pharma/Health/Wellness

OMMA Awards

We’re particularly pleased that one of our wins the OMMA Awards was in a website category—reflecting our multidisciplinary skills, our broad range of services, and our ability to deliver complex projects from conception to launch and beyond.

Our recognition in the Website: Pharma/Health/Wellness category is due to our extensive partnership with one of North America’s leading low-cost gyms. From back-end management to front-end design and UX, we built a clean, modern, lead-generating website that supports individual locations while having the capacity to accommodate national campaigns.

Post-launch, our client made serious gains. That includes a 43% increase in users driven to the website, a 40% increase in organic traffic, a 5% increase in e-commerce conversion rates, a 7% increase in total transaction, a 19% improvement to media on-page conversion rate, and—take a deep breath!—an impressive 21% decrease in online media cost per sale.