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DAC boosts Renaissance's online presence for a stronger reputation

International media agency, DAC, announces a new partnership with Renaissance, a non-profit organization dedicated to socio-professional integration and environmental support. Founded in Montreal in 1994 by the directors of the Moisson Montreal food bank, Renaissance is a social economy enterprise whose business model is based on sustainable development.

The aim of this collaboration is to deploy innovative solutions to optimize the Google listings of Renaissance’s 60 or so store locations, including optimization, implementing targeted Google Posts, responding to customer reviews, and applying local organic SEO strategies. These initiatives are designed to enhance Renaissance’s visibility and community involvement, while promoting a positive ecological impact. DAC is proud to contribute to Renaissance’s mission, which resonates deeply with our corporate values. We will also facilitate the application of automation to Renaissance’s benefits, enabling them to do more with less.

This partnership is the fruit of an inspiring encounter between Fanny Mooijekind, General Manager of DAC Montréal, and Marie-Claude Masson, Director of Communications and Marketing at Renaissance, during the “Femmes de tête” events. An initiative created by Fanny Mooijekind and assisted by Elisabeth Starenkyj of Tête chercheuse. This group of women meet quarterly to network, assist each other in their professional lives and stimulate the next generation of female executives.

“The multiplication of digital platforms and the growth of the organization are forcing us to rethink how we do things in order to become more efficient and agile. The reputation of any organization depends on the voice of others, and it’s vital for Renaissance to be able to maintain the conversation with the community. We immediately saw the added value of the TransparenSee platform, owned by DAC, which will enable us to improve our online visibility, and consequently inspire the community to adopt a more sustainable, more humane mode of consumption. As we look to the future, we’re excited by the possibilities this union could bring.” Marie-Claude Masson, Director of Communications and Marketing at Renaissance.

“Renaissance is a Quebec pillar close to my heart. As someone who was into sustainable development and the circular economy even before it became fashionable – over 25 years ago,

discussing marketing issues with Marie-Claude was second nature to me. I know that my team of digital specialists will be able to help them with their digital growth, manage the opinions of the growing clientele that Renaissance attracts and assist them with local SEO. I’m extremely proud to combine my personal interests with my professional expertise.” Fanny Mooijekind, General Manager, DAC Montreal.

About Renaissance

Founded in Montreal in 1994, Renaissance is a Quebec-based non-profit organization whose mission is to facilitate the socio-professional integration of people having difficulty entering the job market, while encouraging everyone to take concrete action to preserve the environment. The organization’s actions are based on three pillars: social, environmental and economic, which form the basis of its service to the community. Working, donating and buying at Renaissance means helping more than 2,000 people return to the job market and diverting 27,000 tonnes of goods from landfill every year. With 1,350 permanent employees and over 130 volunteers living with an intellectual or physical disability, Renaissance stands out for its significant impact on the community and the environment.

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About DAC

DAC is a leading international media agency that helps brands connect with customers and prospects at every stage of their buying process, from discovering their needs on an enterprise level right down to hyperlocal store optimization. DAC is proud to help companies build, maintain and optimize their online presence, thanks to its in-house expertise in content strategy, UX, paid media, SEO and analytics. Founded in 1972, DAC now has 12 offices in Canada, the United States and Europe.

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