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A new and fruitful partnership for Belron Canada and DAC

Belron Canada, which operates the flagship brands Speedy Glass and Lebeau Vitres d’autos, has entrusted digital marketing agency DAC with its new project to optimize the discoverability of its brands.

The main objective of this collaboration is to guarantee Belron Canada a strong presence in organic search engine results, so that anyone seeking their services will enjoy a fluid, personalized online experience.

This strategy is being deployed in two stages:

First, at the local level, with a focus on effectively managing local Google listings, responding to online reviews and comments, and optimizing each location’s Google rankings against each of its local competitors.

Secondly, through dominance of organic search results, which will be achieved by creating quality content aligned with consumer needs and optimizing the organic performance of websites.

This partnership aims to position Belron Canada as the undisputed leader in its sector, by strengthening its online presence and delivering an optimal customer experience. Since the collaboration began in March 2023, promising results have already been observed. Overall, website visits and location itinerary requests have increased significantly for the Belron (+17.3%), Speedy Glass (+24.9%) and Lebeau Vitres d’autos (+3.6%) brands.

“We had very high expectations of this partnership with DAC since we had several challenges to meet: optimizing our local pages, accessing maximum data and having access to a specialized digital team. This new partnership allows us to centralize and optimize our global and local SEO strategies, enabling us to be more efficient and evolve at a much faster pace.” – Mélanie Desharnais, Manager, Digital Marketing Products

“We’re extremely excited to be working closely with a local brand that aspires to further strengthen its connection with its local customer base. This kind of challenge is in perfect harmony with the expertise of our teams. What’s more, Belron’s digital marketing team has an excellent understanding of how they want to approach this, which greatly simplifies the achievement of our various project milestones. Their commitment to collaboration is an example to follow.” – Fanny Mooijekind, General Manager, DAC Montreal

About Belron

A Canadian leader in auto glass repair and replacement, Belron Canada provides its customers with local service, thanks to its 356 locations across the country. With two flagship brands, Speedy Glass and Lebeau Vitres d’autos, as well as local brands acquired over time, Belron Canada has established itself as a leader in its field. This imposing national presence requires careful management of their online visibility, especially at the local level.

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About DAC

DAC is a leading global marketing agency that helps brands connect with customers and prospects at every stage of the buying process, from discovery to hyperlocal store data optimization. Recognized by Forrester as one of the world’s leading performance marketing agencies, DAC is proud to help companies build, maintain and optimize their online presence, thanks to its in-house expertise in content strategy, UX, paid media, SEO and analytics. Founded in 1972, DAC now has 12 offices in Canada, the United States and Europe.

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