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2020 Summit International Awards: Coronavirus Communications

Vera Bradley and DAC are no strangers to challenges. Adept at hitting targets and supporting customers with innovative products, digital campaign executions, and engaging customer experiences, the tight-knit team consistently finds ways to succeed.

Like most companies navigating the pandemic, Vera Bradley had to pivot overnight in order to respond to new consumer demand signals. By focusing their efforts on social good and product innovation, Vera Bradley and DAC designed a mobile-first strategy and introduced a new product line of face masks to serve their communities and front-line workers. To date, millions of medical-grade masks have been secured for front-line staff.

After hitting upon the idea of face masks, our SEO research informed where volume could be won, while several paid social campaigns were launched with the mobile user in mind, featuring topical CTAs, easy click-to-shop functionality, and creative tailored for the device type. The overall campaign exceeded targets, with paid media ramping up to normal spend levels to capture new product demand (masks and other products). Results also showed the continued growth of core product categories YoY.

There was widespread support for the “taking care together” campaign from Vera Bradley consumers. Vera Bradley supported those who were searching for solutions with the creation of net new category, product, and microsite pages. By the end of June 2020, organic traffic to the site had increased 72% YOY.

Positive brand buzz was generated around social good initiatives from new and loyal audience members. In Q2 of 2019, online sentiment for Vera Bradley was around 70%; in Q2 of 2020, it had increased to 81%.

At a time when businesses are universally being called upon to consider how their resources may be applied against creating the maximum positive social impact, Vera Bradley has welcomed a more “conscious capitalism” when their usual business has come under serious difficulty.

That’s why, together with Vera Bradely, we’re immensely proud to be recognized as a Platinum Marketing Effectiveness Award winner at the Summit Awards.