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B2 Awards: Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

The B2 Awards recognize and honor marketers, agencies, and suppliers who exhibit excellence in business marketing and communications. Leading industry figures are recruited to determine which results-driven campaigns are worthy of a prestigious B2 Award—and in 2020 they recognized us in the Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning category for our work with GE Appliances and DialogTech.

GE Appliances and DAC began using DialogTech’s DNI call tracking to see exactly how GE’s channels, ads, keywords, call extensions, and landing pages were driving calls to the call center. Using keyword-level and session-level call tracking data, GE can now optimize for what drives the most calls for out-of-warranty repairs that convert to appointments. In the first five months alone, this new insight increased quality phone leads from best audience by an additional 42%. At the same time, AI showed that a high percentage of callers were hanging up during the Interactive Voice Response (IVR), suggesting it was too long and complicated. Shortening the IVR saw an immediate 50% decrease in abandoned calls.

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