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Jennifer Walsh

Jennifer Walsh

Senior Account Director | Nickname: Jen

Jennifer graduated from Manhattanville College with a dual Bachelors in Pre-Law & History. After graduation, she decided that Law school wasn’t the right fit for her and knew Marketing was her true passion. Straight from college, Jennifer started working for Accenture, then Jennifer found herself at home with DAC and working on her Masters Degree in Marketing Communications.

After eight years with DAC, it’s safe to say she loves her job and all the great work her team does! If you were to ask Jennifer why she’s so passionate about what she does, she’ll tell you a story about how her father and grandfather were both small business owners, just like her client. Being able to support small businesses in the way she wished her family was supported is the greatest of all rewards.

When Jennifer isn’t working, you’ll find her with her husband and her son Jack (JP), most likely with a glass of wine in hand, probably checking her email and definitely counting the minutes down until she can go back to work Monday morning!

App I can’t live without: Instagram
If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?: Jackie Kennedy or Derek Jeter
Favorite childhood movie: Beauty and the Beast
Dogs or cats: Cats!
Fun fact about yourself: I won homecoming my senior year of high school!