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Christopher Bohuniek

Christopher Bohuniek

Account Executive | Nickname: Mr. One-Liner

Chris is an Account Executive at DAC. From a young age, Chris had a passion for helping others. After graduating from SUNY Plattsburgh in upstate New York with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing, he realized that his interest in marketing and love for assisting others could be combined. Given his analytical skills and passion for communicating, Chris believes that he was meant to be in this field. Chris looks to build strong relationships with his clients to better understand their needs and personalities. This allows him to have a uniquely holistic and in-depth approach when communicating and assisting his clients with digital marketing. 

App I can’t live without: YouTube (He would not be able to fix things around his house or watch his favorite basketball highlights without it.)
If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?: Kobe Bryant
Favorite childhood movie: The Sandlot
Dogs or cats: Dogs, but he can relate more to cats.
Fun fact about yourself: When the world shut down in 2020 owing to COVID-19, many of us had more free time than we were used to. Chris decided to begin brewing beer in his backyard. After a summer of trials and tribulations, he realized that this pastime had become a passion. He now operates Adventure Pup Brewing, an at-home brewery named after his older brother’s yellow Lab. He brews an all-grain beer and has three favorite specialties: a hazy IPA, a crispy summer pale ale, and a delicious mango wheat beer.