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Chris Pulaski

Chris Pulaski

Vice President, Client Service | Nickname: Polo, C-Note, T-Fo

Hailing from Connecticut, Chris spent 4 amazing years at Syracuse University studying Advertising Management. Chris always thought he would be in some sort of media role (he loved to watch Monday Night Football when he was young and how they used to start the show with helmets crashing). He has worked for 3 companies in 20+ years since graduating – you can say he is one loyal customer! Chris’ favorite part of his current role is to watch our team grow and thrive and develop into amazing professionals.

Outside of work, Chris and his wife Nicole are currently overwhelmed by kids activities with their two boys. William and Thomas are active youngsters who are into nature center activities, golf, basketball and soccer to name a few. For Chris, he just got into playing Platform Tennis in the winter which is like a smaller version of actual tennis (and easier on the knees).  Next up, shuffleboard in Florida!

App I can’t live without: Waze
If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?: Someone who lived in the dark ages
Favorite childhood movie: Rudy
Dogs or cats: Dogs
Fun fact about yourself: I’m a wiffle ball champion