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Brian Newsome

Brian Newsome

Account Executive | Nickname: Newsome

Brian is an Account Executive at DAC. He spent his formative years in nearby Harrison, New York, and received his Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from the University at Buffalo in Buffalo, New York. 

He started his professional career as a project manager at a finance company in the automotive industry, which gave him experience in client services. Brian’s affinity for e-commerce and fostering great conversation inspired him to pursue a career in the digital marketing industry. 

Outside the office, he enjoys going to the gym, spending time with his girlfriend, conducting photoshoots, playing Mario Kart, and the intense grind of season-long fantasy football. 

App I can’t live without: Twitter (I will never refer to it as “X”)
If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?: Alicia Keys
Favorite childhood movie: High School Musical
Dogs or cats: Dogs (I'm allergic to cats)
Fun fact about yourself: When I was 15, I fractured my collarbone in a potato sack race. No, I did not win.