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Alessandra Manganiello

Alessandra Manganiello

Account Executive | Nickname: Ally

Ally serves as an Account Executive at DAC. She holds a bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and International Business from Iona University in New Rochelle, New York, demonstrating her commitment to academic excellence. Passionate about understanding consumer behavior, Ally pursued further education, earning her Master of Business Administration degree in Marketing from Iona University. With a keen focus on the digital marketing realm, Ally adeptly navigates the intricacies of consumer behavior to drive impactful strategies. 

Ally has a deep appreciation for music, particularly within the country genre, favoring artists like Thomas Rhett, Luke Combs, and Morgan Wallen. In her spare time, Ally enjoys diving into a good book and values time spent with friends, particularly during the vibrant fall season, embracing the festivities. Stemming from a family rooted in both playing and adoring baseball, she enthusiastically cheers on the Mets, reflecting her New Yorker spirit, and bolstering her enthusiasm for teamwork and community.   

App I can’t live without: Spotify
If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?: God
Favorite childhood movie: Halloweentown/Passport to Paris
Dogs or cats: Dogs
Fun fact about yourself: I met Steve Schirripa from The Sopranos and have a signed souvenir from him!