Presence Management

Don't just be visible: stand out.


Your business is unique — and the business listing management tools you use should reflect that. Our presence management platforms can be customised to work within your existing business frameworks, allowing national brands, franchises and other distributed networks to standardise the data uploaded by local listing agents. You can monitor and slice the data any way you want, using multiple views and real-time reporting to verify your information and get the insights you need to make smarter business decisions.


When it comes to attracting high-quality leads, being a neat freak pays off. That’s why we use custom business listing tools and hands-on management processes to meticulously collect, clean and curate your business location data, ensuring that it’s visible, accurate and consistent throughout the local search ecosystem — and with our TransparenSee™ dashboard at the front end, it’s easy to understand the impact these initiatives have. As for the tidiness of our own workspaces, let’s just say that’s a judgment-free zone.


We plug in to a large number of data providers, including leading search engines, directories and social networks like Google My Business, Bing, Apple and Facebook. This holistic, integrated approach creates citations that boost local SEO listings, drive ROI and ensure that wherever and however potential customers are searching, your local business listing stands out with the accurate, relevant and detailed information they’re looking for.

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