Meeting the Graduates

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Fresh talent. Keen minds. A desire to get out there and do something. Graduates and recent graduates have been a feature of Ambergreen staff regularly throughout our history and yesterday evening we started our hunt for our latest graduate trainee with our first ever graduate recruitment open evening.

As befits a Tuesday evenings and the Ambergreen style, it wasn’t an overly formal evening; it was an evening to meet some potential new talent and discover more about them and their skills – not just how well they can write a CV! That’s why there was wine, beer and nibbles, brief introductions from Josh, Emma and myself (Craig), and then lots of time to chat.

What were we looking for? Well, like all our recruitment, we are as interested in the person as we are anything else. We want to know that you are someone who wants to learn, wants to take part, and that you have the drive to be a digital innovator. With our graduates the personality and attitude becomes even more important, since it’s highly unlikely that all the skills are there already. We certainly weren’t disappointed.

There were a few hesitations from those who don’t come from a marketing degree background, but as an office with a neuroscientist and a behavioural biologist (amongst other non-traditional backgrounds) we really mean it when we say it’s the people, not the back story, that makes a good fit for us. Talking to people yesterday we had tales of time in Africa, China, and Iowa; talk about marketing for healthcare brands, apps and discussions on everything from Facebook advertising to how our office likes to eat a lot of food. There was even some chat about our shiny new website and how a good time was had by all.

It’s clear to us from those we talked to last night that there’s a lot of potential out there, and we’re now going to sit down with the difficult task of seeing who we think could be filling our next graduate role – and harder still, how do we decide between everyone!

Thanks to everyone came along last night – it was great to meet you all and we’re glad we’ve heard from some of you already!


For more information on Ambergreen recruitment and our current opportunities please see our careers pages.