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Google Search Generative Experience Shows Local Store Inventory

July 28, 2023 /
All industries  /   Google Business Profile / Algorithm Updates 

Google introduced a new Search Generative Experience, that being a search engine results page that incorporates AI elements.

What someone will notice with these generative experiences is that they show above everything else. The section for the local 3 pack is also expanded to include a 5 pack. DAC has also discovered that ranking for this generative local pack follows the same best practices as our existing local presence management program.

Where the search generative experience has begun to differ from standard search engine result pages is through product inventory. When a user’s query signals that they plan to make a purchase, the AI generative answer will prioritize nearby stores that have those products in stock. Clicking on those will also not direct to standard landing pages but instead to the inventory page of the previewed product.

Google already preferred listings that uploaded their inventory through the Google Merchant Center in standard result pages, but it now appears that AI pages will have an even stronger preference. The Search Generative Experience seems a bit duplicative at this time but as the technology develops, we are seeing some diversion in what the two types of pages show. For AI, it is looking to better understand when searches have local intent, trying to show the product the user intends to purchase before a map or local pack, to reduce as much friction from purchases as possible. For retailers who are looking to rank highly for Google’s upcoming AI result pages, they must ensure their online inventory is greatly emphasized.

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