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Google Local Check Wait Time and Join Waitlist Buttons

31 January 2023 /
Restaurants and Hospitality / Algorithm Updates 

Some restaurants have included a “Join Waitlist” button on their Google listings through third party “Reserve with Google” partners. It now appears that Google includes a secondary button that allows users to “Check Wait Times”, without implying they are looking to commit to any type of waitlist. The previous join button would be followed up by questions such as “party size” and ask for contact information with which to message the user. Simply “checking” the wait times on a listing will only give an estimated timeframe. 

These wait times are mainly done for restaurants but can be done for business such as salons or walk-in clinics as well. They do always require a Reserve with Google partner however so for those who do not already dabble with this listing feature, they will not be seeing wait times appear on their listings. 

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