Optimizing social performance
A desktop computer screen showing a Lauzon flooring webpage
A screenshot of the Lauzon flooring blog, Art From Nature
Lauzon flooring Pinterest feed screenshot
Lauzon flooring Instagram feed screenshot


High-end hardwood flooring manufacturer Lauzon was facing a challenge: how could they grow sales in a market dominated by multinational mass-producers? They turned to DAC Group to stimulate demand among niche consumers by growing awareness, engagement and traffic via organic and social channels.

After auditing the market, competition and brand, we created a content calendar, engagement guide and tactical plan to empower Lauzon to manage its social channels in-house. We also optimized the Lauzon website and enhanced analytics tracking to better understand the customer journey between channels.

We have driven significant increases in social followers, social engagement and both organic and social traffic to Lauzon’s website — and we have plans to launch a full paid search and digital display co-op campaign.

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