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Case study: FITLIGHT

The challenge

FITLIGHT is an innovative speed and agility reaction training system designed to train the body and the brain, improving reaction time, mental accuracy, sensory processing, and other neurocognitive attributes. It competes in a niche market to offer training for professionals in sports and fitness, tactical and defense, and healthcare.

Facing challenges accessing and fully understanding one of its key market segments, FITLIGHT partnered with DAC to raise awareness of its product offering in key US markets while increasing organic performance, engagement and action rates, and conversion rates in its target segment.

The solution

The first step was to assess and reframe what we know about the B2B audience, requiring audience research and persona development. This work highlighted two core professional user types, outlining their unique purchasing considerations, challenges, digital behaviors, and more. This early discovery work also included SEO research to understand user search intent and behavior, as well as a content audit to identify content gaps and UX opportunities on-site.

Together, these insights helped DAC map out the unique journeys of two personas and describe how FITLIGHT could naturally insert itself to address user needs—from the awareness stage through to providing a positive and meaningful loyalty experience. These journeys helped to fill in the gaps that were preventing FITLIGHT from knowing how to effectively approach and engage with its target audience, including identifying core content opportunities to enhance the onsite experience.

Next, we developed channel plans to provide strategic direction for prioritizing and executing content across priority digital and offline channels. Tailored to each persona across each stage of their journey, this document advised executional teams on content format, structure, tone and messaging, content cadence, and measurement.

Finally, pulling from the top priority opportunities identified from our content audit, personas, and channel plan work, we produced content briefs to kick-start execution. These focused on improvements to existing on-site content, as well as five net-new content pieces.

The impact

The discovery work of developing full audience and SEO research provided FITLIGHT with a comprehensive understanding of its B2B audience, answering key questions to validate and paint a full picture of the industry professionals it will have the most success reaching.

The customer journey work then filled in the gaps for highlighting how to effectively position FITLIGHT to respond to these users’ evolving needs—identifying core opportunities for the content and channel touchpoints required across each stage of their journeys—while our channel plans helped the FITLIGHT executional team activate each channel and measure success.

In short, DAC’s strategy allowed FITLIGHT to pivot its business and dedicate and allocate resources to marketing towards specific channels, increasing the cadence of touch points for the personas developed. This, in turn, has driven a direct positive impact on ROI.