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Required Questions

Humorous alternative job title: *
Director of Digital Education

How I drive performance: (please answer in first person) *
I drive performance by continuously updating my clients not only about their programs, but also about the digital landscape as a whole. I am constantly reviewing their programs and understanding their needs so we can drive the best performance and generate the most sales for our clients. I also drive performance through New Business Development and selling our capabilities and services to new clients.


Questions Answered by Employee:

Q1 Something you don’t know about me: 
I played baseball against Derek Jeter in high school

Q2 Words to live by:
Get busy living or get busy dying

Q3 Favorite food:

Q4 When I’m not working:
I am working out, running, entertaining my two daughters, golfing, seeing live music

Q5 Tea or coffee?
coffee (black)

Q6 Website I can’t live without:

Q7 If I had a superpower:

Q8 Social media platform of choice:

Q9 Top childhood movie:

Q10 Karaoke favorite:

Q11 Hidden talent:

Q12 Sports team of choice:

Q13 Why did the chicken cross the road?
because he wanted a challenge

Q14 If I owned a shop, I would sell:
Office Depot easy buttons

Q15 Top three dinner guests:
Oprah Winfrey, Ronald Regan, Joe Maddon

Q16 I’m watching:
Stranger Things

Q17 I’m reading:
Blood Defense

Q18 Work BFF:
Katherine Jones

Q19 App I can’t live without:

Q20 What’s your wallpaper?
a calm peaceful lake

Q21 Last ad I loved:
Pet Smart Ad

Q22 Pirates or ninjas?

Q23 I’m no Jamie Oliver, but I can whip up a delicious:
fish and vegetables on the grill

Q24 Star Wars or Star Trek?
Star Wars

Q25 Dream vacation destination:

Q26 In the movie of my life, I would be played by:

Q27 Title of my as-yet-unwritten autobiography:

Q28 My morning routine:
Workout, Coffee, Get the daughter ready, Coffee

Q29 First purchase after winning the lottery:

Q30 Go-to ice cream flavor:
Cookie Dough

Q31 Favorite superhero:

Q32 My spirit animal:

Q33 Brand I admire:

Q34 Where’s Waldo?
Where is he not

Q35 If I was trending, my hashtag would be:

Q36 It’s Friday, I’m…
grilling out

Q37 Top of my bucket list:
Bungee Jumping

Q38 If I were a meme:

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